The Team
Executive Director
Executive Director

Natalie Noble is a zealous collaborator and community developer passionate about changing communities for the better.

She has cultivated a career in the social work industry in various roles across multiple sectors. Her current role as Director of System Planning for the Calgary Homeless Foundation allows her to help advance Calgary’s Plan to End Homelessness. She works to promote collaboration and collective partnerships in her work with non-profit organizations, health & justice partners, community associations and the public at large to find permanent solutions to end homelessness for Calgary’s most vulnerable people.

Natalie has been an active member of the Shambhala Music Festival Harm Reduction Team for six years.  She enjoys getting people organized in efforts to promote community inclusion, collective impact, vibrant communities and social justice.  Natalie embraces every opportunity to practice creativity and art in the various facets of her life.

Jared_Mental B&W
Art Director

Jared is a passionate and avid contributor to Calgary’s music and arts scene and has been involved his entire life.  The community is very important to him, whether playing drums in a band or as a DJ.  He currently plays drums with tiny shrine and hosts two popular DJ residences: the long-running NOIR at Habitat Living Sound and the newer TAFFY at Local 510.  He also has many years experience in the wedding industry as an event planner and DJ.  First becoming involved with mental in 2016 as an artist, he is very interested in helping to raise awareness and compassion for mental health through the arts to better the community as a whole.

Professionally, he is employed at the University of Calgary, Continuing Education as a Program Coordinator.  That work allows him to help people meet their next personal and professional goals, which in turn benefits the greater community.  He is also the mental health lead on the Continuing Education Wellness Committee.

Director of Communications and Marketing
Rebecca Zahn is a Calgary-based digital marketing strategist with a keen focus on creative industries. From arts festivals that dare to dream, to local tourism that champions the best of Calgary, Rebecca’s work reflects her passion for local while embracing global trends and awakening social movements.
Rebecca is a founding member of OK Social and Principal of Rebecca Zahn Communications.
Director of Internal Relations

Nic Etheridge Calder is passionate about cultivating community. Constantly curious and open to learning, Nic has chosen a career in the social development sector. He currently works with the Calgary John Howard Society as their Director of Housing. This work has allowed Nic to gain a better understanding the struggles of those facing injustice and poverty and an understanding of the role of community within social justice.

Outside of work Nic has kept active in a volunteer capacity and also enjoys the opportunity to participate in creative ventures and connecting with new people at every opportunity.

Laura Kuley
Director of Research and Development
Laura Kuley wants to live in a world where “upstream” is not industry jargon…a world where everyone understands that preventing people from falling in the river makes more sense than fishing them out once they’ve fallen in.
True to her generalist nature, Laura’s academic career has been all over the map. While her areas of undergraduate focus were Environmental and Gender studies, Policy and Psychology, she maintains there are almost no introductory courses she has not taken. Her latest educational pursuit is a Master’s of Community Development at the University of Victoria.
Laura is currently working as a Program Consultant in the area of health promotion for Alberta Health Services. Two of the projects she is working on are a provincial program for youth grades 7-9 and training modules for health professionals in Prevention for Addiction and Mental Health.
When she is not working or studying, Laura is an avid climber and a proud guardian of Theo, a nine year old Puggle.
Director of Finance

Morgan Bexson is committed to ending the stigma surrounding mental health. Her career and background may lie in oil and gas, but her passion for this cause brought her to the Mental team.  She wants her daughter to grow up in a world full of community and inclusion, and to know that it’s ok to not be ok.

Morgan has lived back and forth between Vancouver and Calgary and believes that mental health education is something that needs to be more common place no matter where you call home.  These issues affect us all, which is why we need to start bringing them into our everyday discussions.  The only thing that Morgan wants to keep in the black is the Mental chequebook.

Director of Public Relations
Director of Public Relations

Marisa is a creative thinker, writer and collaborator. Born and raised in Calgary, she has been an enthusiastic contributor to the marketing & communications teams at The Alex Youth Centre and Lunch Box Theatre for her student placement.  During her work at the Fig Tree Foundation, Marisa helped drive youth engagement in the arts through photo exhibits and video content creation. She has also contributed her time in publicity and marketing for the Creative Airdrie Society.

Marisa graduated from the Public Relations program at Mount Royal University and is working towards incorporating her passion for culture and the arts into her future pursuits.

Chief Creative Officer
Director of Programming

Amy Darling is founder and executive producer of MEDIA DARLING, a boutique Canadian film company. Her projects have won over two dozen awards across the globe, and screened at Cannes, and Amy has been featured in publications such as Variety and The Hollywood Reporter.

Having served in a variety of organizational, programming, and advisory capacities for the Calgary International Film Festival, Chattanooga Film Festival, herland Feminist Film Festival, and Fairy Tales Film Festival, she is also Past Chair of the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers’ $100 Film Festival.

Amy is currently Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Calgary Underground Film Festival, now in its thirteenth year, and the Vice Chair of Professional Development for the Alberta Media Production Industries Association (AMPIA).