where film. meets art. meets mental health.

About Us

Mental Film Festival is the first of its kind in Calgary. Beautiful venues, enticing and relevant films, exciting art exhibitions, and engaging panel discussions propel community conversation and increase social awareness about the triumphs and tragedies experienced by those living with a mental illness or addiction.

We strive to unite our community through meaningful dialogue about mental health and addiction without prejudice or judgement. Throughout our three-day film festival, multiple opportunities exist for community conversation. Together we will create a safe space to exhibit inspiring film, art, and conversation designed to bring our community closer.  Please join us.

Art, the Universal Language

Art is the universal language that cuts through cultural, racial, social, and economic barriers. As a byproduct of the pure and simple enjoyment of the arts, community dialogue and social awareness are enhanced and increased.

Each film showcased at Mental Film Festival is preceded by panel discussions that include filmmakers, artists, subject experts, and people with mental illness and addictions experience.

Our art exhibits, both in film and through visual arts, showcase works that might otherwise go unseen. Artists and community members are encouraged to engage in discussions through facilitated panel forums, or amongst themselves after viewing the thought-provoking and stereotype-challenging works displayed. Help us to build awareness and advocacy for mental health issues.

Board of Directors