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How Important is self-care? Hear from our partners, Stresscase.  

A year ago we introduced Stresscase to the audience at Mental Film Festival. Being a filmmaker with a new service inspired by our own mental health journey, it seemed like the perfect place to launch our new venture.  To this day, I feel blessed by the decision to reach out and support Mental.

Certainly there is plenty to “talk” about in mental health, but when I discover people who take action, it makes my heart incredibly happy.   And what better way to inspire the rest of us than by sharing their compassionate stories through film?


Perhaps the shift back to why we were originally put on this planet is manifesting.  The critical care wards of the future are in our homes and our community centres; our schools and workplaces…and yes, hair salons!  Self-care is key to staying strong as we, as a population, transition to becoming caregivers to our loved ones more than ever before.


One year into our beta, Stresscase is steadily expanding its self-care movement. I have been brought to tears by the kind-hearted messages that people include in their Stresscase self-care packs.  Every time we reach out to someone with the sentiment “you matter”, it creates a ripple effect.   It’s an affirming impact that can be felt from caregiver to loved one through to generations past and present.   As chaotic and daunting as it can be, as isolating as it feels at times, many beautiful gifts also reveal themselves to those of us who help and heal.

Join us at the 2nd annual Mental Film Festival at Globe Cinema on June 3. Learn more and get tickets – best of all, it’s pay what you can!

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